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COFFEE family rubicacee
GENUS Coffeea

The two most important species are Robusta and Arabica.

Both prefer the hot climate of the Tropical zone along the equator. Arabica is grown on mountain sides at between 900 and 2000 meters while Robusta is grown between 200 and 600 Arabica reaches 3-5 m. in height and has a trunk with long, thin and flexible branches. It has lanceolate and leathery leaves.

Robusta is a tree that grows between 7 to 13 m. in height and has narrow, oval leaves with rounded, showy fruit.

Harvesting: the uneven ripening of the beans on the same tree influences the method of picking used by farmers: picking or stripping? The first is more expensive because it can only be done by hand. The pickers carefully select only the red, ripe cherries, which means they have to cover the same field several times within a few weeks.

Stripping is more brutal: it involves letting the twig run through the fingers, stripping whatever come off the twig.

Once the cherry has been picked, it is necessary to extract the seed. This can be done by using either dry or washed methods. The first gives us what are called natural coffees, the other, washed coffees.

At this point, the green coffee has at last been obtained from the tropical regions!

In storage, the coffee may undergo a further selection process: its origin, its region, number of impurities, botanical species, processing method, year of harvest and size of the bean.

Before shipping to consumer countries, the green coffee is transferred into 60 kg. jute sacks. Whilst at sea, it is kept in ventilated containers.

Our company buys green coffee from the best importers in Trieste, Italy. They guarantee us the highest quality. Furthermore, when we receive the lots of green coffee we roast a sample to put it through organoleptic and chemical tests.