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Certainly the heart of production chain is the roasting, It could be said that roasting green coffee is essentially heating it to between 200° and 240°C.

In its transition from green to brown during roasting, the bean takes on new life, first there is a noticeable physical change in the bean; it swells up and increases its volume by about 60% because the heat causes gases to push outwards. This results in the bean growing in size. The bean lose 10-15% of its weight because of the loss of the moisture and other constituent, which are transformed during roasting.

In addition the coffee bean loses its toughness and becomes brittle, ready to be ground. The coffee also undergoes a mutations of colour ; from greeny blue, the beans turn brown; caramelisation of the sugar and the formation of pigments cause this.

After roasting the coffee drop down on a cooling basin and in this phase has prepared the blend using different type of roasted coffee origin. Now the coffee is ready for the packaging in beans, ground or pods but before it rest in special silo for at least 48 hours.

The owners (Ettore, Francesco, Gianni and Valeria) personally follow their staff in every phase of the chain of production, every lot of coffee undergoes the final quality check before the commercialization.